Customer Service 101

To customers, the service they receive is the most tangible aspect of a company’s performance. Many experts agree that the quality of customer service first received by a customer heavily influences the initial buying decision, as well as, any downstream decisions to re-purchase. In other words, good or great customer service can help you acquire new clients and turn them into loyal clients who will purchase from you again and again.

So why don’t more companies shore up their customer service? Perhaps the answer is that most companies don’t know what good customer service is? Hmmm, it would be hard to believe that a business owner doesn’t know what good customer service is. After all, business owners are also every day consumers aren’t they?

A quick analysis of everyday consumers reveals that we are similar in our patterns for seeking out better customer service. For example, most of us will:

  1. Go way out of our way to visit a favorite car mechanic. Why? Because we trust that they will fix our car properly the first time and not over-charge us for the service. Many people use an auto mechanic they found years and year ago and never leave them, even though they must travel the entire length of the city to get there.
  2. Wait an extra three hours or an entire day or more to get a hair cut by a favorite hair dresser or barber. This is in lieu of getting a hair cut by someone else in the salon who is conveniently free. Why? Because we like they way our hairdresser cuts our hair. And if they are really good, our hair dresser will do the little things that make a big difference. For me, my hairdresser spends a lot of extra time making sure that hair does not get between my shirt and neck.
  3. Spend 15 or more minutes in a drive thru on any given morning so our coffee will taste the way we want it. We know that our complicated coffee order will be done with precision and care, resulting in a cup of coffee that always tastes the same and meets expectations.

In a nutshell, it seems to me that people will go out of their way for people who really know their stuff and demonstrate care through the consistency of their service. Is it really this simple?