Do You Follow Up With Your Customers After A Purchase?

If you don’t, you should. Following up is the single greatest opportunity a business owner has to build their business. Why is that? There are a number of reasons starting with:

  1. Assessing customer satisfaction;
  2. Opportunity to connect and learn why the purchased products or services helped the client;
  3. Demonstrate a caring disposition;
  4. Opportunity to make good with the client for a deficiency;
  5. Verification of your promise. One thing’s for sure, weather you say it overtly or not. Promises to make good for a product or service malfunction are made at the time of purchase. No one I know, will purchase a product or service if they think the business will not stand behind it. By making a post purchase follow-up call, you are verifying in the client’s mind that you are going to be available and stand by your promise.

Not to mention the opportunity to rebook, up-sell or cross-sell a satisfied client when you have them on the phone. Think about it, if they are already satisfied, you basically have delighted them for a very good reason. And by delighting them the likelihood of purchasing more is very high.

In a nutshell, pro active post purchase follow-up (within two or three weeks after the service) is a fabulous strategy and a great way to build your business.

Good luck!