Part 1: Customer Profiling

In business, you should not plan to be all things to all people. It’s vital for any business to identify their ideal customer, and to focus on serving that customer. Doesn’t it only make sense to take the time to describe the character traits of your perfect customer? Customer profiling is analogous to creating your own target for the purpose of “attacking on a narrow front” versus a large front.

Why Profile?

A perfect customer is one that will have a healthy need for your product or service and will happily buy from you, allowing you to make money and grow. Obviously, for an individual business, there is a great opportunity to fine-tune the customer descriptions, but the overall principle is simple – you are profiling a prospective client you wish to attract, retain and profit from.

The process of establishing the detailed set of characteristics that determine a perfect client is Customer Profiling. For many businesses, it makes perfect sense to choose two or three specific target audiences to sell to. In this case, you would develop a customer profile for each audience.

To reiterate, customer profiling is the process of describing your perfect client. Why do this? So you and your sales team, as well as all the staff at your company, can easily recognize a top-notch prospective client when you see one. Did you know that top-notch prospects come into your shop or call you on the phone on a regular and consistent basis? The question is, do you and your staff recognize them?