1-Day Workshop - Only $259.00 +GST

Location:  Best Western Hotel, 1714 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB

Date:  Thursday, May 8th, 2014   |   Time:  8:00am to 4:00pm

Registrations received after Friday, April 25th, 2014 will be charged the full rate of $309.00 +GST


Why do so many sales presentations fail?

It's because many Business Development & Account Managers do not effectively demonstrate value to their prospects during their sales presentation. Agreed, lots of pre-work may have been done to obtain the meeting in the first place, but if value is not clearly understood by the prospective client, it is not possible to ask for an order without losing credibility. Simply put, poor sales presentations lead to poor closing ratios or at best extra-long selling cycles.

Join us for a powerful 1-day workshop hosted by Sales Expert, Dan Debreuil. This workshop will teach you to develop and deliver a much more interesting and persuasive sales presentation. In this workshop you will learn:

  The objectives of every sales presentation;
  Essential elements to include in your sales presentation;
  Techniques to set up your sales presentation to achieve better success;
  How to set up your sales presentation to make an offer that will close the deal or systematically get you closer to making a sale.

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Register online for 'Build a Better Sales Presentation' or call (204) 254-5136 and ask for Mary-Jane.



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See what others had to say about this workshop...

"After attending Dan Debreuil’s workshop [Build a Better Sales Presentation on February 27th] I feel better prepared to develop and execute a top quality presentation by understanding how to initiate the client early, recognize their hierarchy level in my business and maximize each moment I have with them to ensure a lasting impression and increase sales. Not only does Dan provide an enthusiastic workshop filled with real world incite accented with several value added stories to drive his points home; but astonished me by committing to follow-up after the workshop for one on one personalized attention addressing my specific needs and questions. If you feel your skills may require honing, or you’re new to a sales team, it’s in your best interest to attend one of Dan’s talks and see what you’re missing."

— Troy Will, Business Development Manager, Friesen Group of Companies

"The Sales Expert Workshop [Build a Better Sales Presentation on March 14th] was an immense help to me. It helped us clarify our message, approach, and delivery in those few moments that count. I also enjoyed the training on the power questions – they really are everything. Thanks Dan!"

— Kevin Mailey, Account Executive, Compack

"I was lucky enough to attend one of Dans workshops [Build a Better Sales Presentation] on February 27th 2014. Dan is such a great speaker, with a positive upbeat way of coming across to all of those who attend. He is very well prepared and a very motivating individual! If you are thinking about attending any workshops, go to Dans!!! I think you'll be on the right track to start furthering yourself in the sales world!"

— Wade Davidson, Professional Security Consultant, Allen Leigh Security & Communications Ltd.


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