Your Brand Identity And Logo Need To Support Your Brand Promise

Too many business owners simply hire logo designers and provide them with the simple instructions to create something appealing. To me this is a giant opportunity lost. Your brand identity and logo if designed properly should firmly support your ultimate brand promise in the minds of your best clients. Here’s why.

Your brand vision is your ultimate promise to your most appealing and profitable customers. A good example of a simple brand vision is “to provide the best tasting pizza in Winnipeg”. This is a great brand vision if there are enough people in Winnipeg demanding tasty pizza.

Little promises your business makes to support your ultimate brand promise are called position statements. Position statements support the ultimate promise in the minds of your most appealing customers. For this example, supporting statements that position the ultimate promise could be tangy sauce, thin crust, oven baked and fresh ingredients.

Some pizza companies may want to be the most affordable in Winnipeg? Or they may want to be the quickest to deliver your pizza?

Should your pizza company’s logo and brand identity be different for differing brand promises made to clients? In other words, should the tastiest pizza company have a different logo and brand identity than the quickest? Yes, absolutely.

In addition to being appealing to look at your brand identity and logo should work hard to support your brand promise to your most ideal customers and prospective customers.