Sales Coaching

If your current marketing approaches are not getting the results you want; if your sales are not where they should be, Private Sales Coaching services by Sales Expert are an excellent means to improve your business.

Private Sales Coaching Services from Sales Expert is an individualized, highly focused business training service aimed at developing strong marketing strategies that seamlessly support your sales efforts. Sales Expert offers Private Sales Coaching Services to business owners, sales managers and working sales professionals.

Private Sales Coaching Services are personalized sessions conducted by Dan Debreuil, Sales Expert. Based on your organization’s specific needs and interests, Dan will provide you with customized coaching plans and objectives for each session followed by in-person coaching to fulfill the objectives. Our Private Sales Coaching Services are highly organized, follow a disciplined approach, and are results focused. By working one-on-one with you and your staff we will enhance your personal and business reputation and increase your business by building on four critical areas of your business:

  1. Techniques to improve and manage your personal and business brand;
  2. Development of your sales pipeline and how to manage and leverage this information to generate the results you’re looking for;
  3. Development of a sustainable marketing machine that adds value to your brand while generating the quality of leads you need to grow your business;
  4. Development of realistic sales goals and budgets based on information from accurate market, competitive and customer analysis information.

We strongly believe that the best sales teams are fully empowered by strong marketing strategies. Private Sales Coaching Services by Sales Expert will help fortify the marketing and sales components of your business offer and enrich your bottom line.