Self Assessment Test

The key functions in sales are to generate interest with the target audience and to effectively demonstrate value to the target audience. Once your sales team has effectively demonstrated “the value” of your offer to a targeted audience it is time to write up the sales order.

At Sales Expert, we are experts in breaking down both the sales and marketing components of your business and offer. We believe that the best sales teams have been fully empowered by a strong marketing strategy and tool box of tactics that can support them.

This assessment form will help you determine if you have empowered your sales force to achieve the desired and expected results you need to survive and thrive.

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  • When someone pays you a compliment or says something positive about you personally or the brand you manage or sell – do you take the time to recognize these comments?

  • When someone makes you aware of a negative comment made by someone else – do you pursue these comments directly and with urgency?

  • Do you routinely make strong connections with people at networking events?

  • Do you try and learn about others at networking events by asking them the questions that will get them to tell you what they really do?

  • Do you follow-up with people you made connections with at networking events?

  • Do you incorporate new business card information into a contact management data base or another type of data base?

  • Do you routinely visit and connect with strong influencers within your own personal network?

  • Can you readily recognize people with leadership abilities?

  • Do you recognize that even the people who buy from you need to go through a specific and detailed adoption process?

  • Do you or your staff readily recognize where a person is within the adoption process?

  • Do you keep track of how many leads or proposals you have written?

  • Do you use a customer relationship management software to keep track of your nurtured leads and influencers?

  • Do you use influencers to provide you with warm leads or referrals?

  • Have you got a plan to attract, retain and intensify influencers?

  • Do you know what your competitive advantages are?

  • If you know your competitive advantages, have you exploited them to an audience that would warmly receive this information?

  • Do you have a mechanism for educating prospective clients?

  • Do you ever give workshops or lunch n’ learns to help people understand the value your company can offer?

  • Do you have a specific process that can spell out more efficiently how the prospective client can benefit from your product or service?

  • Have you written down and communicated all sales goals with your team?

  • Does the sales team know how many new customers they need to acquire this year? This quarter? This month?

  • Does the sales team know how much they need to intensify existing accounts?

  • Does management readily know at what % of wallet their best customers are at?

  • Does management and the sales force understand the 20/80 rule and its significance for building your business?

  • Have you got “buy-in” from your team for the sales goals they have been challenged with?

  • Have you empowered the sales team to acquire leads?

  • Have you empowered the sales team to acquire more centres of influence or influencers?

  • Have you empowered the sales team to close a sale by providing a trial use program or customer acquisition or customer loyalty program to offer?


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* If you totalled less than 14 'Yes' answers you may be interested in booking Private Sales Coaching by Sales Expert.