Sales Training Workshops

Sales Expert offers highly interactive Sales Training Workshops for entrepreneurs and busy sales teams alike. In our Sales training workshops, we provide the information and tools that business owners like you require for developing and implementing effective sales strategies.

Learn new and practical strategies for helping you connect with your most profitable clients. Incorporate your real life data into the breakout sessions of our Sales Training Workshops and “hit the ground running” with new information and tools derived from each workshop.

Our Sales Training Workshops are designed by Sales Expert, Dan Debreuil. Dan is an active board member and past President of the Manitoba Marketing Network. He has been hired to write the Sales & Marketing curriculum for the Small Business Development branch of the Federal Government and the Province of Manitoba.

Our Sales Training Workshops will teach you how to develop and qualify more leads, solidify more sales and maintain better connections with your new or existing clients. By incorporating your actual business data into the plans we make in class, you will leave with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed.

Our Sales Training Workshops will help you learn how to:

  1. Generate more leads by managing your reputation through effective networking;
  2. Qualify hot leads more effectively;
  3. Prepare for your first meeting with a hot prospect or hot lead;
  4. Employ influencing tactics to drive positive sales outcomes;
  5. Manage your time more effectively by prioritizing your customers and prospects into distinctive groups.

Call us today at (204) 223-5791. We are also available to attend your business to host a workshop or a lunch ‘n learn series. Our Sales Training Workshops always make time for networking, one aspect of generating new leads.



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