Business to Business (B2B) Sales Training Workshops

Do you dream about acquiring the type of new clients that can help your company grow? Are you worried about the strength of the relationships your company has with existing clients? Do you have a well organized, motivated staff of Account Managers with the inside sales team providing support?  Or do you have a team of order takers?

Sales Expert is proud to present the B2B Sales Training Series of Workshops.  These are three 1-day workshops that are designed to be taken independently of each other.  Or, when taken in sequence can provide a very good overview of what an account manager needs to do in their day to day and weekly activities to be more successful.

B2B Selling Series 1–Day workshops includes:

  1. Fundamentals of B2B Selling
  2. How to Develop and Leverage Your Key Selling Processes (B2B)
  3. Fundamentals of Key Account Management


  • All are well researched and planned to be highly interactive.
  • Each workshop facilitator encourages active and deliberate contributions from all participants.
  • Workshops are developed to be easily understood. New concepts are always supported by real life examples.
  • Participants are invited to use their actual business information when discussing scenarios discussed in breakout sessions.

As an Account Manager, would you be interested in:

  1. All the referrals you need to maintain and grow your business?
  2. Learning how to generate more new business, faster than you ever have before?
  3. Enabling yourself to find and attract all the high quality business leads you desire?
  4. The capability to forecast sales in a systematic and accurate way?

If you said yes to one or more than one of those questions – you may be wish to learn more by downloading the agendas for each of the B2B Sales Training Series of Workshops offered by Sales Expert.