Customer Service Sales Training Workshops

To customers, the service they receive is the most tangible aspect of a company’s performance.  Many experts agree that the quality of customer service first received by a customer heavily influences the initial buying decision, as well as, any downstream decisions to re-purchase.  In other words, good or great customer service can help you acquire new clients and turn them into loyal clients who will purchase from you again and again.

Did you know that companies who consistently provide excellent customer service can charge a premium for their products and services?  So what constitutes good customer service?

Sales Expert, Dan Debreuil is offering two public workshops focused on customer service:

  1. Fundamentals of Customer Service
  2. How to Build and Implement an Effective Customer Service Strategy


  • All are well researched and planned to be highly interactive.
  • Each workshop facilitator encourages active and deliberate contributions from all participants.
  • Workshops are developed to be easily understood. New concepts are always supported by real life examples.
  • Participants are invited to use their actual business information when discussing scenarios discussed in breakout sessions.